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Up and Running!

It’s ready! It’s ready!! Go see it! Go participate in Project: Mellow Mama!

Mellow Mama.Net

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Is it Monday yet?

My honey is away on a trip for the weekend leaving me to tend to the needs of our small children. Now, I feel I’ve become pretty comfortable with having to deal with temper tantrums, spilled messes, the constant drone of crying.. Been there, done that. Got it. Good. Move on.

This morning has been the disaster of all mornings. Being awake for only 2 hours has led to the events of but not limiting to; broken eggs in the fridge and on kitchen floor, spilled milk, unsuccessful potty training event leading to disgusting diaper all over floor, complete emotional meltdown of oldest (almost 3), writing on floor, meltdown over toys, crying baby, fussy baby, currently hiccuping baby, tired toddler.

Ahhhh, life and it’s many blessings every time he’s away for the weekend. ha ha ha!

I’m going to try another attempt at yoga with my toddler once little fussy baby is finally asleep. We’ll see how that goes.

COMING SOON: Project Mellow Mama


Hello Hello! My newest project for this blog is coming very, very soon. I’m just finishing out the kinks and typos and getting it ready to unveil. I’m really excited about this one. As not only is it going to help me, but it’ll greatly help other moms. So stay posted. This is going to be fun. I just need to make some labels to help promote as well as get all the goodies together for a big giveaway. I also have a Halloween giveaway I need to get ready as well. Good things planned. Be sure to check back soon or subscribe to my feeds. 🙂



Gnome Hunting

556 I’d like you to meet my favorite gnomes. I collect gnomes. I think they’re fun, cute, yada yada yada.. They’re fun to find in random stores along my travels. Anyway. These are my favorite three. They sit on my window sill in the kitchen that overlooks into our yard.

My main plan is to have loads of gnomes hidden around our large yard. But cleverly hidden to where you have to take a second look to make sure your eyes weren’t playing tricks on you. I’m goofy like that. As a child, I used my imagination to the max, even having my own invisible friend named Jack the Pumpkin Head, which later became a character on the movie Return to Oz.. I found that quite peculiar once I heard the stories from my parents…

As I was thinking about where I plan to strategically hide these little fellas I dug up some fun facts.

– Rub their noses together for every greeting and farewell.
– Are stronger than men.
– Live about 400 years.
– Can only birth twins.
– Males wear red caps.
– Love practical jokes and are notable pranksters.

I remember seeing this one video about a creepy gnome terrorizing some kids in (I’m guessing here) Argentina.. I’ll have to find that link. It’s a really creepy yet entertaining video. Especially the fact that it’s a midget dressed up as a gnome and is doing the special “sideways” walk that gnomes are said to do. YouTube Video of Creepy Gnome

I may have just completely ruined this post by showing you that, but I think it’s funny. Though I’m also watching it without the volume on. 😉

Best wishes & namaste,

A very short..

74011531 Hiatus is planned while I prepare for and have my second son. But no worries. Lots and lots of plans are in the works for this blog. Just to give you a short preview, here’s part of the list:

1. My own household organizing files for you to download.
2. Free printables for children.
3. My new weekly format regarding natural health which I’m really excited about.

The funny thing is my list is actually over 50 items long. So stay tuned, snag a button, or toss me an email so I can notify you when it’s ready. And it’s not going to be a long wait. Or at least let’s hope it’s not a ridiculously long hospital stay. 😉


The date has been set, folks.

85458505 Oh happy dayyyy… Oh Happy Day-ayayyy!! After my appointment this last Friday, we have been informed that our little one should be here by August 1st. If he doesn’t choose to arrive before July 31st, I’ll be induced incredibly early that morning. Yay! The little monster’s just getting too big..

Ohhhh! I can not WAIT to meet him. The last ultrasound we had of him, his face shape was really similar to O’s. I am so curious to see just how similar or completely different he’ll look.

And superficially speaking, I’m really hoping for brown hair. And brown eyes. Because my honey won with our first son with his blues & blondes. So hopefully I win this time. hahaha!

That gives me one week (if I plan by the induction and not by the water breaking) to get this house in complete order so that my sanity is saved when we bring this little man home. And really when I think about it, all that is left is I’d really like to have my craft space set up with the sewing machine and fabrics ready as well as my closet needs to be stripped of all maternity wear and my clothes organized by size so that I can easily find them as I lose the baby weight.

I’ve been told that losing the 2nd baby’s baby weight is harder, but I kind of feel like I started backward to begin with. With O, I gained 60 lbs. Yes, you read that right. That scale read 198 lbs when I went in to have him induced on that fall day of 2006. And it took me a good year and half before I got that load off along with another 10 lbs.. So with my second, I became pregnant at a smaller weight than my first. And due to chasing O. around all this pregnancy, I’ve only gained 20 lbs. But I’m really proud of myself. Because this time around, I really paid attention to what I was eating. My first pregnancy was pure emotional eating.. And well, my stressful job and having another child to chase after probably helped contribute to not gaining nearly as much this time around.


I am excited. And I am so ready.
I can’t wait to feel normal again.

Okay, so let me think. My to do list then is composed of:
1. Craft Space – finish setting up.
2. Closet & organizing clothes.
3. Make sure all baby stuff is ready.
4. Start rough draft of baby announcement. Or at least decide on what printing site to use.
5. Enjoy the last few days before our family expands to 5. I’m a nerd and count our dog. 😉
6. Add regular housework chores & duties to the list and we’re golden.


Mellow Mama’s Meal & Menu Planning

My goal today is to finish my meal planning set up that I started. It began with researching a lot of different mom blogs and Tsh @ Simple had the best suggestion for my liking. She’s fantastic so do go check her out if you haven’t yet. She’s full of great ideas.
Anywho, her method for meal planning is using Google calendar and Delicious bookmarks. So I started with using the calendar and began bookmarking recipes, but have found that designating an entire gmail address to just meal planning is the best route for me.

So working off of what started, I catered to factor in my own preferences. I appointed specific labels within gmail for each category of recipe – for which I chose:

side dish
main course

Then added on an additional label to make it more specific such as chicken, beef, fish, vegetarian, etc..
And then also kids favorite, potluck, quick meal, etc.

That way I can just go from there and have everything I need accessible whenever I need it. I love that i can just copy and paste a recipe into my personal email that’s always up – Put the recipe title in the subject line and send it off to my designated email. Then I just set aside about 10 minutes every couple days to organize the labels so that I can access everything easier. Granted I still use delicious bookmarks, but I’m the kind of person where I get overwhelmed if there’s too much going on in one space and I have so many bookmarks that it was just too much. And I didn’t like saving the actual page of the recipe on the net because I have had a tendency to save favorites that don’t stay or the site shuts down or whatever happens.. I lose the damn recipe.

I can’t stress to you how many other methods I’ve tried until finally finding something that works for me. So I hope that you can find something that works perfectly formulated for your specific needs. Just figured I better toss out my ideas since I love spreading the word to other moms since I also struggled until finally finding something that works! 🙂