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A possibly unsent letter..

Dear Past Self,

At home, I am Mom. And I love that I am Mom, but…

I have another identity, too. I’m just not sure who or where she is. But I’m positive she exists because I once was her.

Needless to say, I miss you, Past Self… I do. And it’s not that the things I miss most are part of the ‘single’ aspect of the past. No, I’m definitely happy with children and my man. My little family.

No, I miss having time for my projects…
and yoga/exercising…
and writing…

I really miss a lot of that. I crave to fill, to satisfy that creative itch’s impulse. I so desperately want to give in, and yet there’s this other life that demands more attention, more nurturing, more everything. And though to many that, in itself, would be fulfilling; I need more.

What do I have to do to get you back?

Are there other mothers out there that are struggling like I am?
How do you make time for the things that make you happy?
What can be suggested to other struggling moms?





What (in)courages me?

1. My boys.
Without them in my life, I would never have discovered how unconditional love really, truly feels.
2. My honey. I strive to be the best wife and am always looking for new ways to show him how much I appreciate him and our relationship.
3. My parents. I want to make them proud, while they’re still around to witness everyone’s life and enjoy their grandchildren.. I want to show them that they did a good job raising me and that some of their techniques are rubbing off me onto my own children.
4. Nature.
The beauty and strength that nature inspires me with is something I don’t feel I’ll every be able to repay back to Mother Earth. I want to. And I try to, but there’s just so much amazement that is not man-made that really inspires me and encourages me to appreciate, love, and respect it.
5. Yoga
Yoga helps me feel strength to deal with my anxieties, my insecurities, and my problems.
6. Strangers
As strange as it may sound to some, I find inspiration and courage from people I have never met. People that have battled harder challenges than I have, people that still have positive outlooks even after their lives were ripped to shreds by an unexpected tragedy. Strangers who still have the strength to pursue happiness and teach others what they now know.

What about you?
Be (in)couraged.
Click below for more info.



57359532 He’s finally here! July 30, 2009 7:58p weighing in at 7 lbs, 7 oz, my little Isaac made his entrance into the world. A full mop of brown hair and dimples on his cheeks and chin. Already a week old, he’s been a good baby. He’s a strong boy. And my first son, Owen, is so excited to be a big brother now. He just beams when he gets to talk about Baby Isaac. I think this is going to be the beginning of something incredible.

I’m so happy to finally be transitioning my life now. I’m away from my incredibly stressful job and it feels phenomenal. Now I just need to find a new job. Granted I will probably go back for a short time to that dreaded office, but I’ve never had a stronger drive to change my life right now. I need to go back to alternative healing. I can’t work for the healthcare system anymore. I just don’t agree with it. The things I’ve experienced and witnessed really bother me. And being treated as a pee-on instead of being respected is the final kicker for me. A lot of my coworkers feel the same, too. One’s already left and who knows how many will be gone when I return from leave. Ohhh how I dread that day.

But back to positive things. Happy things.
My projects are coming along nicely. My writing is beginning to flow freely again, something I am very thankful for. And I’m researching on the whole submitting and publishing. If anyone has any direction to some good inspirational writing sites, I’d love to check them out.

Company is coming next week. Slightly overwhelming as there will be 9 people in a small 2 bedroom home with one bathroom. But it’ll fly quick and I’ve already planned some escape routes/plans/errands so I think we’re good. 😉

I’m keeping close track of my mood swings and making sure to really pay attention this time around to PPD. I know I had it with Owen. And it was brutal, because I was entirely in denial. This time around. A lot of focus to prevent it from getting as bad as it did. Only one meltdown so far. So far, so good.

Now, first thing is first. Content is my number one priority for this site. It’s okay that I don’t have many readers or at least ones that comment. I have a hard time finding time to set aside to go and read and comment on blogs. But I’ll somehow factor that in to the ol’ schedule.. maybe an hour every weekend. Really, it’d just be nice to find some mamas to get to know and follow. That support group I’ve always hoped for but never really knew how to find.. Someday, right? 🙂

Okay, okay. Now I’m just getting completely off topic. Off to the batcave!

… I think I’ve officially lost it. 😉

Did I mention I’m excited to start my yoga again? Okay, okay.. I’m out of here. I swear!

Namaste & Be Well.