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I’m so happy, so happy as can be-hee

74011531 My life has just gotten wonderful. I am on a high perched cloud in a gorgeous blue sky taking in the breeze of inspiration and happiness. I am so excited!

I landed a new job. Nearly full time, still with benefits. And it’s with children! I get to go to 1st grade everyday and help instill confidence and basic learning skills. I get to go to recess everyday! And music class.. Oh! I’m just elated! Sure, some days won’t be easy, but that’s the foundation of a job! The perks far outweigh the old job by far.. not to mention including the factor of less stress. I would far rather deal with a misbehaving 1st grade student than an overtired, over-medicated grown up. My job duties will now range from helping teach basic math and reading and art instead of being yelled at by a confused patient or an overbooked doctor.

Yet I am slightly sad. An era of my life is done; a long awaited change has finally come. And in its place a rewarding career that gives me extra time to focus on my children, my other talents, and my life. No more late nights. Dinner will be ready when it should be. No more stressed out, sleepless nights. Already this school system has shown appreciative gratitude at my joining their team. I feel welcomed and blessed. I know I’m going to be great with those students. And the staff I interviewed with also saw that so I feel great! I feel so happy and joyful. Let this new life begin! 2 weeks until I start. And lots to do to get organized. But now, my attitude is lighter, happier. The countdown is no longer dreadful. Which is the ultimate reason that I know I made the right choice.

Off to begin the workings of a cleaned, organized house.
I have my oldest at daycare today and my baby has now settled down to nap. Who knew chores could be so wonderful with such a big smile on your face?!

My list for this afternoon:
1. finish kitchen.
2. laundry
3. organize clothes in basement & bring up work clothes for organizing into bedroom closet.
4. cook dinner.
5. work on writing.

This is the best day of a new beginning. 🙂



A possibly unsent letter..

Dear Past Self,

At home, I am Mom. And I love that I am Mom, but…

I have another identity, too. I’m just not sure who or where she is. But I’m positive she exists because I once was her.

Needless to say, I miss you, Past Self… I do. And it’s not that the things I miss most are part of the ‘single’ aspect of the past. No, I’m definitely happy with children and my man. My little family.

No, I miss having time for my projects…
and yoga/exercising…
and writing…

I really miss a lot of that. I crave to fill, to satisfy that creative itch’s impulse. I so desperately want to give in, and yet there’s this other life that demands more attention, more nurturing, more everything. And though to many that, in itself, would be fulfilling; I need more.

What do I have to do to get you back?

Are there other mothers out there that are struggling like I am?
How do you make time for the things that make you happy?
What can be suggested to other struggling moms?


Quite the adventure..


Well. The first group of our company has departed as of this morning, leaving two relatives left. The house is far quieter now, and quite enjoyable really.. Though the amount of housework that needs to be done is a little intimidating. Why is it that I clean this house from top to bottom, only to do it again immediately after the house is empty? Hmmmn.. Perhaps I shall go on strike. For a couple hours until I can’t handle the mess anymore. 😉

I’m starting to research laptops. Any suggestions as to what your favorite brand or model is would be deliciously appreciated. We have a desktop computer, but it’s just time now to toss a laptop into the mix as well. Ideally, it’d be nice to have two, but it’s not really necessary.. I would just love to have my honey and I have our own seperately so that I don’t strangle him if something happens to any writings I will have saved on the laptop, but it’s useless to prepare for something that may not necessarily happen so.. for now, shopping and researching. What I’m finding so far is the astonishing battery power life and how vast a spectrum it has for so many different models. I mean, 2.5 hour battery life is not acceptable for me.. that’s barely a movie on a road trip.. Anywho, more on that later.

I’m also having troubles uploading my PDFs. This week sure isn’t starting off that wonderful..

And actually speaking of further problems, I’m having issues transferring this wordpress to my domain now. Anyone have any clue on how to do this? I thought I had it down and the whole process backfired, so I’m back at square one. *sigh* I want to upload my posts. Just the posts.. how do I do that?!

Later this week I’ll introduce my new format for this blog.. well, perhaps a deadline is not the grandest idea, since if I can’t transfer what I want to transfer I’m going to be pretty frustrated.. I hate the idea of starting all over again.. there has to be an easier way.. There has to be..

Shine on,

Preparing for Guests


Our house will be full of 9 people by Friday. Well, 2 of them being under the age of 3, but still. That’s a lot of people under one tiny roof. One tiny roof with one tiny bathroom. This is definitely going to be interesting. I mean, I’m excited, but yet.. nervous? I think nervous is the term I want to use..

My problem with having company is that I feel the need to entertain and cater to them. Yet, I really just feel like I don’t want to. I don’t want to do anything. I want to be entertained and catered to, instead. But regardless of what happens, there’s things that need to be in order and ready before our company arrives.

My list.
1. Wash towels, bedding, and sheets.
2. Find air mattress.. and whatever else for people to sleep on..
3. Get house in order:
a. kitchen. – wipe off counters, cupboards, & clean floors.
b. bathroom – completely clean: top to bottom.
c. living room – vacuum, dust, spot-clean couch.
d. bedrooms – vacuum, dust, organize, declutter.

4. Menu plan – rough draft (have ideas for meals, but let guests finalize with their choices).
5. Stock up on toilet paper and other toiletries.
6. Organize kitchen cupboards & drawers so things are easily located. Also do hallway closet with towels and blankets.
7. Finalize plans with BBQ.. whether or not we’re throwing a big party.
8. Relax and rejuvenate with a nice, hot bath before the chaos begins.

Let’s hope I survive the in-laws visit. 😉



What (in)courages me?

1. My boys.
Without them in my life, I would never have discovered how unconditional love really, truly feels.
2. My honey. I strive to be the best wife and am always looking for new ways to show him how much I appreciate him and our relationship.
3. My parents. I want to make them proud, while they’re still around to witness everyone’s life and enjoy their grandchildren.. I want to show them that they did a good job raising me and that some of their techniques are rubbing off me onto my own children.
4. Nature.
The beauty and strength that nature inspires me with is something I don’t feel I’ll every be able to repay back to Mother Earth. I want to. And I try to, but there’s just so much amazement that is not man-made that really inspires me and encourages me to appreciate, love, and respect it.
5. Yoga
Yoga helps me feel strength to deal with my anxieties, my insecurities, and my problems.
6. Strangers
As strange as it may sound to some, I find inspiration and courage from people I have never met. People that have battled harder challenges than I have, people that still have positive outlooks even after their lives were ripped to shreds by an unexpected tragedy. Strangers who still have the strength to pursue happiness and teach others what they now know.

What about you?
Be (in)couraged.
Click below for more info.



13lotus One of my favorite moments is realizing when I have the house to myself. We live on this old farmstead. Our rooms are small, but it’s cozy, and the woodwork is beautiful. It has a lot of character. And I feel absolutely comfortable and at home in it. So when I have a moment to just wind down in this old home, I relish it. It has a good vibe, good character to its energy, and it calms me.

When I look out the big picture windows into the main part of the yard I see nothing but green grass and shrubs, along with the red barn which is actually a wooden-floored garage connected to a dusty storage area.

One of my favorite pictures was this one, taken last summer after moving in. This is the view from my doorstep. The farmland belongs to our neighbor..


I love living here.
I love who I am when I live here.

Living just out of town makes me feel a lot more in touch with nature. A lot more respectful of it. I love having the house silent, opening all the windows to let in the breeze (as well as new Chi, if you’re familiar with eastern medicine). The birds will chirp and sing. And the natural elements just seem to soothe the entire environment. Both inside and out.

It’s comical, because I actually have a hard time leaving when I have to go somewhere. It’s just too peaceful. Why would I want to leave this? Here is another picture of a different part of the yard..


Today I am on a mission. Not only do I have the house to myself, but I have approximately 3.5 hours (before I need to meet some relatives for lunch) to clean, do laundry, get the house in order, and relax. I think I can do it. Granted there’s about 8 loads of laundry (lots of bedding for upcoming company). But I think I can handle it. I’ve already gotten quite a bit done in terms of the cleaning part, so as long as I keep up this pace..

Plus, The Body Shop is having a new sale so I’ve happily placed a new order and can’t wait to play with my new purchases when they arrive. Retail therapy, offline or online, feels great. 😉

I’ve also almost finished my project outline for this blog which makes me feel good since I’m really not much of a plan-completer. I’m great at making lists, and crossing off a couple items on the list, but never actually completely finishing the list. I just make new lists! ha ha!

It’s going to be hot today.. so I’m preparing and doing my best to keep the house as cool as possible. I’m quite OCD when it comes to lights being off and electrical items being unplugged. And I’m really hoping I won’t have to turn on the AC until this afternoon.. Luckily where our house sits on the land, it’s tucked up right near one of the hills of the valley so we don’t get a lot of hot west sun in the afternoons.

Well, back to work.