1114What is Mellow Mama?

Mellow Mama is my space to help me express my need to feel less pressure to be that perfect mom and just start finding the right path to be the best mom. In today’s fast paced society, I need to remember that life is not about how many things you possess, or who you conquered to be where you are now.. It’s about the small things that cost nothing, and to take notice of all the joys that surround you daily.

My name is Mellow Mama. Or people also call me Sara. But there’s just way too many Sara’s. So Mellow Mama works far better. I am in my mid-twenties. I am engaged to a lovely, handsome man and we share two sweet little boys. Owen, 2. & Isaac, infant. We live on a cute little farmstead in the midwest. I work in a medical office, but am striving to find a different setup to help me become a stay at home mom.

A Breakdown of Mellow Mama:
I like diving deep into psychology and philosophy. And I’m a self-help book addict. I strive constantly to make myself better, but also my world better. I live almost all green. And love cooking healthy foods and trying new recipes. I also really love tea. Any kind, really. I like outdoor activities such as gardening, hiking, and camping. I like surrounding myself with people that respect nature, but also have compassion for others. I also love to write and express myself through painting and crafts. Music is also a massive love of mine. I’m into more indie, folkish-type sounds. Xavier Rudd being one of my favorites. I studied extensive music theory and classical and Suzuki methods & techniques for over 10 years before choosing the natural world and entering Massage & Bodywork as a profession. I still bring out my guitar every now and then. And I sing when the mood strikes. A very mellow, creative soul am I.

Personal Disclosure:
I’m apprehensive about posting a lot of personal pictures and exposing a lot of personal information, mainly because I feel the internet is far too vast to be considered essentially safe. From time to time, I know I’ll find something I feel comfortable posting, but if you’re curious as to why the lack of personal photos and information.. there’s your answer.
I’ll open up to those I get to know, but that first impression… I’m pretty cautious or guarded. 😉