Is it Monday yet?

My honey is away on a trip for the weekend leaving me to tend to the needs of our small children. Now, I feel I’ve become pretty comfortable with having to deal with temper tantrums, spilled messes, the constant drone of crying.. Been there, done that. Got it. Good. Move on.

This morning has been the disaster of all mornings. Being awake for only 2 hours has led to the events of but not limiting to; broken eggs in the fridge and on kitchen floor, spilled milk, unsuccessful potty training event leading to disgusting diaper all over floor, complete emotional meltdown of oldest (almost 3), writing on floor, meltdown over toys, crying baby, fussy baby, currently hiccuping baby, tired toddler.

Ahhhh, life and it’s many blessings every time he’s away for the weekend. ha ha ha!

I’m going to try another attempt at yoga with my toddler once little fussy baby is finally asleep. We’ll see how that goes.


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