I’m so happy, so happy as can be-hee

74011531 My life has just gotten wonderful. I am on a high perched cloud in a gorgeous blue sky taking in the breeze of inspiration and happiness. I am so excited!

I landed a new job. Nearly full time, still with benefits. And it’s with children! I get to go to 1st grade everyday and help instill confidence and basic learning skills. I get to go to recess everyday! And music class.. Oh! I’m just elated! Sure, some days won’t be easy, but that’s the foundation of a job! The perks far outweigh the old job by far.. not to mention including the factor of less stress. I would far rather deal with a misbehaving 1st grade student than an overtired, over-medicated grown up. My job duties will now range from helping teach basic math and reading and art instead of being yelled at by a confused patient or an overbooked doctor.

Yet I am slightly sad. An era of my life is done; a long awaited change has finally come. And in its place a rewarding career that gives me extra time to focus on my children, my other talents, and my life. No more late nights. Dinner will be ready when it should be. No more stressed out, sleepless nights. Already this school system has shown appreciative gratitude at my joining their team. I feel welcomed and blessed. I know I’m going to be great with those students. And the staff I interviewed with also saw that so I feel great! I feel so happy and joyful. Let this new life begin! 2 weeks until I start. And lots to do to get organized. But now, my attitude is lighter, happier. The countdown is no longer dreadful. Which is the ultimate reason that I know I made the right choice.

Off to begin the workings of a cleaned, organized house.
I have my oldest at daycare today and my baby has now settled down to nap. Who knew chores could be so wonderful with such a big smile on your face?!

My list for this afternoon:
1. finish kitchen.
2. laundry
3. organize clothes in basement & bring up work clothes for organizing into bedroom closet.
4. cook dinner.
5. work on writing.

This is the best day of a new beginning. 🙂



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