nearly one month..

I am completely in awe that my little baby is nearly a month old. 2 days away. It makes me feel slightly frazzled because I am not looking forward to returning to work whatsoever. That place makes me an insomniac.

So the search begins soon for a new position. I’ve done a little bit of research, but haven’t had much motivation to really dive deep into the job search because I also want to enjoy my time with my little man. And properly adjust to Mom of 2 before I start adding in extra stress. But I’m excited. For a new start. A new beginning.

Ideally, it’d be nice to work at home, but the leads I’m receiving and the research being conducted has turned up very little legitimate jobs that don’t scream scam to me. I mean, seriously, why would I pay someone to hire me? So silly.

I’ve got some great new recipes I need to post. One for a fabulous fruit pizza. And the other for some delicious cupcakes, with a good story behind both. And I’m almost finished with updating the domain. I’m excited. For all sorts of good things.

I just need to keep dreaming about piles of cash. Because opportunity is going to be knocking. Keep positive, mama. Keep positive.

Namaste & Be Well.


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