A possibly unsent letter..

Dear Past Self,

At home, I am Mom. And I love that I am Mom, but…

I have another identity, too. I’m just not sure who or where she is. But I’m positive she exists because I once was her.

Needless to say, I miss you, Past Self… I do. And it’s not that the things I miss most are part of the ‘single’ aspect of the past. No, I’m definitely happy with children and my man. My little family.

No, I miss having time for my projects…
and yoga/exercising…
and writing…

I really miss a lot of that. I crave to fill, to satisfy that creative itch’s impulse. I so desperately want to give in, and yet there’s this other life that demands more attention, more nurturing, more everything. And though to many that, in itself, would be fulfilling; I need more.

What do I have to do to get you back?

Are there other mothers out there that are struggling like I am?
How do you make time for the things that make you happy?
What can be suggested to other struggling moms?



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