Quite the adventure..


Well. The first group of our company has departed as of this morning, leaving two relatives left. The house is far quieter now, and quite enjoyable really.. Though the amount of housework that needs to be done is a little intimidating. Why is it that I clean this house from top to bottom, only to do it again immediately after the house is empty? Hmmmn.. Perhaps I shall go on strike. For a couple hours until I can’t handle the mess anymore. đŸ˜‰

I’m starting to research laptops. Any suggestions as to what your favorite brand or model is would be deliciously appreciated. We have a desktop computer, but it’s just time now to toss a laptop into the mix as well. Ideally, it’d be nice to have two, but it’s not really necessary.. I would just love to have my honey and I have our own seperately so that I don’t strangle him if something happens to any writings I will have saved on the laptop, but it’s useless to prepare for something that may not necessarily happen so.. for now, shopping and researching. What I’m finding so far is the astonishing battery power life and how vast a spectrum it has for so many different models. I mean, 2.5 hour battery life is not acceptable for me.. that’s barely a movie on a road trip.. Anywho, more on that later.

I’m also having troubles uploading my PDFs. This week sure isn’t starting off that wonderful..

And actually speaking of further problems, I’m having issues transferring this wordpress to my domain now. Anyone have any clue on how to do this? I thought I had it down and the whole process backfired, so I’m back at square one. *sigh* I want to upload my posts. Just the posts.. how do I do that?!

Later this week I’ll introduce my new format for this blog.. well, perhaps a deadline is not the grandest idea, since if I can’t transfer what I want to transfer I’m going to be pretty frustrated.. I hate the idea of starting all over again.. there has to be an easier way.. There has to be..

Shine on,


2 responses to “Quite the adventure..

  1. Saw you from (in)courage; couldn’t help but comment–we have a MacBook Pro (bought by my husband’s work). It is WONDERFUL. If you’re working on PC now, it takes a little getting used to, but it is worth it. The MacBook Pro has a feature that allows one laptop to be two. My husband and I both have our own “side” of the computer. If I enter my name and password, I go to my own screen saver, my own pics, and all my own settings. If he wants to check something on his side, he can enter his name and password and then flip over to his side. It doesn’t change/shut down/hurt anything on my side. Long answer for a simple Q, but I do love this computer.

  2. I have an HP Touchsmart Tablet and I love it to pieces. Its battery life is laughable (50 minutes) but I never use it. I have a special plug in the car for it.

    My weekend was very similar. My son just turned 9 and my mom was here, my husband, and my mother in law. I cleaned before I went out of town, then all 5 of these people showed up (along with an additional dog) and now my house is a disaster. Staring in the face of this mess, I just spent the past 3 hours laying with my dog in the bed. Yay me! Good luck with yours.