Preparing for Guests


Our house will be full of 9 people by Friday. Well, 2 of them being under the age of 3, but still. That’s a lot of people under one tiny roof. One tiny roof with one tiny bathroom. This is definitely going to be interesting. I mean, I’m excited, but yet.. nervous? I think nervous is the term I want to use..

My problem with having company is that I feel the need to entertain and cater to them. Yet, I really just feel like I don’t want to. I don’t want to do anything. I want to be entertained and catered to, instead. But regardless of what happens, there’s things that need to be in order and ready before our company arrives.

My list.
1. Wash towels, bedding, and sheets.
2. Find air mattress.. and whatever else for people to sleep on..
3. Get house in order:
a. kitchen. – wipe off counters, cupboards, & clean floors.
b. bathroom – completely clean: top to bottom.
c. living room – vacuum, dust, spot-clean couch.
d. bedrooms – vacuum, dust, organize, declutter.

4. Menu plan – rough draft (have ideas for meals, but let guests finalize with their choices).
5. Stock up on toilet paper and other toiletries.
6. Organize kitchen cupboards & drawers so things are easily located. Also do hallway closet with towels and blankets.
7. Finalize plans with BBQ.. whether or not we’re throwing a big party.
8. Relax and rejuvenate with a nice, hot bath before the chaos begins.

Let’s hope I survive the in-laws visit. 😉


One response to “Preparing for Guests

  1. I feel the need to entertain when I have guests, too, but then when they come all they want to do is relax. I want to take them to the beach, the pier, downtown.. and all they want to do is sit around. It makes me feel like I failed.

    I make lists like that, too. I never it, though.