Gnome Hunting

556 I’d like you to meet my favorite gnomes. I collect gnomes. I think they’re fun, cute, yada yada yada.. They’re fun to find in random stores along my travels. Anyway. These are my favorite three. They sit on my window sill in the kitchen that overlooks into our yard.

My main plan is to have loads of gnomes hidden around our large yard. But cleverly hidden to where you have to take a second look to make sure your eyes weren’t playing tricks on you. I’m goofy like that. As a child, I used my imagination to the max, even having my own invisible friend named Jack the Pumpkin Head, which later became a character on the movie Return to Oz.. I found that quite peculiar once I heard the stories from my parents…

As I was thinking about where I plan to strategically hide these little fellas I dug up some fun facts.

– Rub their noses together for every greeting and farewell.
– Are stronger than men.
– Live about 400 years.
– Can only birth twins.
– Males wear red caps.
– Love practical jokes and are notable pranksters.

I remember seeing this one video about a creepy gnome terrorizing some kids in (I’m guessing here) Argentina.. I’ll have to find that link. It’s a really creepy yet entertaining video. Especially the fact that it’s a midget dressed up as a gnome and is doing the special “sideways” walk that gnomes are said to do. YouTube Video of Creepy Gnome

I may have just completely ruined this post by showing you that, but I think it’s funny. Though I’m also watching it without the volume on. 😉

Best wishes & namaste,


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