13lotus One of my favorite moments is realizing when I have the house to myself. We live on this old farmstead. Our rooms are small, but it’s cozy, and the woodwork is beautiful. It has a lot of character. And I feel absolutely comfortable and at home in it. So when I have a moment to just wind down in this old home, I relish it. It has a good vibe, good character to its energy, and it calms me.

When I look out the big picture windows into the main part of the yard I see nothing but green grass and shrubs, along with the red barn which is actually a wooden-floored garage connected to a dusty storage area.

One of my favorite pictures was this one, taken last summer after moving in. This is the view from my doorstep. The farmland belongs to our neighbor..


I love living here.
I love who I am when I live here.

Living just out of town makes me feel a lot more in touch with nature. A lot more respectful of it. I love having the house silent, opening all the windows to let in the breeze (as well as new Chi, if you’re familiar with eastern medicine). The birds will chirp and sing. And the natural elements just seem to soothe the entire environment. Both inside and out.

It’s comical, because I actually have a hard time leaving when I have to go somewhere. It’s just too peaceful. Why would I want to leave this? Here is another picture of a different part of the yard..


Today I am on a mission. Not only do I have the house to myself, but I have approximately 3.5 hours (before I need to meet some relatives for lunch) to clean, do laundry, get the house in order, and relax. I think I can do it. Granted there’s about 8 loads of laundry (lots of bedding for upcoming company). But I think I can handle it. I’ve already gotten quite a bit done in terms of the cleaning part, so as long as I keep up this pace..

Plus, The Body Shop is having a new sale so I’ve happily placed a new order and can’t wait to play with my new purchases when they arrive. Retail therapy, offline or online, feels great. 😉

I’ve also almost finished my project outline for this blog which makes me feel good since I’m really not much of a plan-completer. I’m great at making lists, and crossing off a couple items on the list, but never actually completely finishing the list. I just make new lists! ha ha!

It’s going to be hot today.. so I’m preparing and doing my best to keep the house as cool as possible. I’m quite OCD when it comes to lights being off and electrical items being unplugged. And I’m really hoping I won’t have to turn on the AC until this afternoon.. Luckily where our house sits on the land, it’s tucked up right near one of the hills of the valley so we don’t get a lot of hot west sun in the afternoons.

Well, back to work.

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