My Biggest Pet Peeves

flower_icon6 As a Pregnant Woman

I have been lucky to experience 2 pregnancies. Definitely questioning whether I’d want to go through with this again after this last. er, current pregnancy, but at the same time I’m glad that I’ve been given the gift to have children. Because it is, truly, an astounding gift. And I appreciate being a mother and enjoying the roller coaster of motherhood.

Yet, there are just some things that occur that make me want to throw objects in the direction of people that just don’t understand pregnancy. And I know it’s not their fault. It’s just my impulse to want to throw something when I get frustrated. You know, make a little scene. What? Can’t I enjoy my own personal tantrum now and then? 😉

My biggest personal pet peeve is being told how big I am growing/gaining. Thanks. I love learning that you’re paying attention to my butt and thighs expanding along with my waistline. Please. Just tell me I look good. Not any term pertaining to a size other than small, please. It’s enough to be lugging around the extra pounds, let alone the baby that’s kicking every internal organ near him. So just sugar coat anything you feel compelled to say. Any pregnant woman will love you.

Second, please, don’t ask me to come hang out only so I can become your designated driver. Granted, I would far prefer driving a friend around versus them driving. But not all night. I’m pregnant. I’m tired. Please.. can you go home now so that I may also?

Third, if you are a complete stranger, the last thing I’m needing is one, for you to touch my stomach, and two, to tell me I shouldn’t be buying a certain food or product that is currently sitting in my cart. I don’t comment on the four boxes of oatmeal creme pies on your cart, so don’t ask me about the 2 Liters of Coke that are currently sitting in mine. My honey has to provide snacks and drinks at softball this week. But, since you don’t have a single clue about my life since you are stranger danger, feel free to assume that everything in my cart is going home for only me and my unborn baby to deliciously devour.

I understand the need for society (in general) to feel their opinion matters, but really, it doesn’t. Unless, it is welcomed, please just keep your comments to yourself. Because in all honesty, it just gets weird. And weird turns to awkward. And no one likes awkward.

So with that said, I’m going to venture out shopping today. And I wonder if I’ll even be able to get to the door of Target before turning back to my car and just driving home. Because with these last couple weeks of pregnancy, people and me, do not mix. I despise you, pregnancy hormones. You really are real. And evil too. You’ve turned me into a monster. I’m really hoping I am not the only pregnant woman who really loathes social situations of any kind right now.. I’m going to feel much better once I do a little yoga and sit in the sunshine. It is happily, a beautiful day outside.


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