Inspired Creations..

88792999 I’ve been spending the past 30 minutes aimlessly browsing blog after blog, foodblog after artsy blog.. I’m just in awe. I love this. There is so much inspiration in so many different places I almost feel overwhelmed. But it also excites me, because now I don’t need to worry about making a trip to the library for craft books until heck, until next month! ha! I’ve come across so many projects that I can’t wait to try with lil O.

My first is painting rocks and items to add onto the patio and where I have the majority of my houseplants. I love growing plants. And introducing O. to beauty of nature has been so enlightening for me, because I realize it’s a never-ending process. I still remember how cute he asked when I pointed out a rainbow for the first time, and he replied with pure enchantment, “That’s a rainbow?!” Awww, children just melt your heart..

Anywho, getting off topic, again..
I’m excited to learn from so many amazing and inspiring ladies out there. This is just.. awesome. 🙂 Some of my favorites I’ve come across so far..

1. Maya*Made
This woman is phenomenal. Her life and lifestyle is absolutely inspiring.

2. MamaSews
Lots of good crafty advice on simple things I’ve been wanting to try to make.

All I can say is I would LOVE to hang out with this woman.

4. Small Notebook
I am absolutely inspired to change my life by reading this blog.

5. One Pretty Thing
Absolute pure inspiration! It got my creative juices spilling all over the place! 😉

And the sad thing is, this list above, doesn’t even put a dent into the spectacular sites I’ve stumbled upon..

My adventures for this weekend:
Making homemade frozen yogurt.
Making chocolate chip cookies.
Organizing the media mess in the basement.
Get caught up on laundry. 3 loads left!
Finish getting ready for baby #2.
Work on blog and other sites.
Replant seedlings, organize and clean up patio.


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