Mellow Mama’s Meal & Menu Planning

My goal today is to finish my meal planning set up that I started. It began with researching a lot of different mom blogs and Tsh @ Simple had the best suggestion for my liking. She’s fantastic so do go check her out if you haven’t yet. She’s full of great ideas.
Anywho, her method for meal planning is using Google calendar and Delicious bookmarks. So I started with using the calendar and began bookmarking recipes, but have found that designating an entire gmail address to just meal planning is the best route for me.

So working off of what started, I catered to factor in my own preferences. I appointed specific labels within gmail for each category of recipe – for which I chose:

side dish
main course

Then added on an additional label to make it more specific such as chicken, beef, fish, vegetarian, etc..
And then also kids favorite, potluck, quick meal, etc.

That way I can just go from there and have everything I need accessible whenever I need it. I love that i can just copy and paste a recipe into my personal email that’s always up – Put the recipe title in the subject line and send it off to my designated email. Then I just set aside about 10 minutes every couple days to organize the labels so that I can access everything easier. Granted I still use delicious bookmarks, but I’m the kind of person where I get overwhelmed if there’s too much going on in one space and I have so many bookmarks that it was just too much. And I didn’t like saving the actual page of the recipe on the net because I have had a tendency to save favorites that don’t stay or the site shuts down or whatever happens.. I lose the damn recipe.

I can’t stress to you how many other methods I’ve tried until finally finding something that works for me. So I hope that you can find something that works perfectly formulated for your specific needs. Just figured I better toss out my ideas since I love spreading the word to other moms since I also struggled until finally finding something that works! šŸ™‚

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