Nesting Bird

I am officially nesting. I’m 2 cm dilated, 70% effaced, and just waiting. But am I ready to go?




My bags for the hospital aren’t even packed.. not even started.. The bassinet is still in the box by the picture window.. and well, at least now I can say that I at least found an outfit to bring him home in and have washed about a week’s worth of clothing, blankets, and etc. I accomplished that yesterday.. evening.

I was induced with my first boy. Which was incredibly awesome. Because there’s nothing better than walking into a hospital without the pain, agony, and short fuse.. I loved walking in and leaving comfortably with a sweet boy in my arms.. It was all planned which helped me relax. This pregnancy, on the other hand..

This pregnancy has really kind of freaked me out a little.. Why you ask?
1. New state. This is our first time having a baby in a different state and it’s definitely been an experience.. new doctor, new hospital, new everything.. And the lady that’s supposed to educate me on my experience has been convienently unavailable each time I was able to be book an appt with her. I’ve been beginning to wonder if she truly physically exists.
2. Totally different pregnancy. Which I know I’ve been told that theory, but I didn’t really expect everything to be different. I’ve had horrible nausea throughout this entire process.. way too much braxton hicks which are just uncomfortable to begin with.. it’s just been.. not.. as enjoyable.
3. I work a far more stressful job which I dream about leaving on a daily basis. I was doing massage and spa work with my first. Relaxing, comfortable atmosphere.. Oh, how I miss that calming place so very much..
4. I get yelled at by someone’s grandma or grandpa on a daily basis. Talk about degrading. Especially since what they’re pissed about isn’t even my fault. It’s just that I’m the first face they see and they need to get what they want off of their chest before they forget. It definitely sucks, since I really used to like people.

So here I am..
finally nesting.

And it’s overwhelming how much I have to do. But one step at a time. And hopefully I’ll stop procrastinating.. just a little bit. At least get that bag packed.. 😉

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